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Water is a human right - Millerntor Gallery #9

For the 9th time in a row, Hamburg’s second Bundesliga division team FC. St. Pauli turns their stadium into an art gallery and music festival for the good cause. The motto of this year's Millerntor Gallery is “Water is a human right” and more than 100 artists turned the stadium into a gallery with the goal that “Art creates water”.

The beneficiary of the art sale profits is “Viva con Agua”, a non profit organization founded by former FC St. Pauli Player Benjamin Adrion, that focuses on ensuring that all people worldwide have access to clean drinking water. The opening night art auction already spilled €270.000 into a new clean water project for Mozambique.

The Millerntor Gallery is an annual art festival and diverse meeting space that brings artists from many different nations as well as wealthy art buyers from the corporate world together. The spirit at the festival is positive and united for the good cause. It’s also a reminder that those of us who never have to think about clean drinking water, as it’s a seemingly unlimited resource and never more than the next water fauscett away, are very fortunate. But recent, hot and dry summers have also caused water supply issues here in Germany.

The dialogue about clean drinking water may eventually hit closer to home than many are aware of right now. Therefore, the artistic dialogue about this increasingly scarce resource may just come up at the right time for many of us as a wakeup call.

I would like to point you to the work of my good friend and brilliant photographer Stefan Groenveld who has documented some of the Viva con Agua projects in Afrika in recent years:

Wasser ist Leben (Water is life):

Uganda: Kampala und der Norden:

My images of this very colorful event are reduced to black and white to give you a different point of view:

Oslo and Copenhagen Voyage - alternating color & B&W photography

While coordinating assignments in Oslo and Copenhagen, my travel agent suggested to take a boat instead of planes for this trip. And by boat she meant a cruise boat. I have never been on a cruise ship (large ferry boats not counted) and I was intrigued.

Three weeks later I found myself boarding the Aida Luna (capacity of about 2,000 passengers) on my way to Oslo and Copenhagen. In the spring time the Baltic Sea is always good for surprises - cold rainy and warm summer like moments can take turns within hours. This is what inspired me to make a photo documentary with alternating color and B&W images on this trip.

Here are my impressions. Enjoy!

As a little bonus I've added a time lapse video showing the last 25 mi of the Aida Luna approaching Copenhagen harbour. The video starts at the location of the Helsingborg - Helsongør ferry line, passing from Sweden to Denmark.