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Off-Season / Nebensaison -Timmendorfer Strand & Niendorf

Off-Season / Nebensaison is a photo project where I document popular vacation regions during their off-season.

The strong visual contrast between the busy and crowded peak season and the off-season in vacation regions is a condition that many people never get to see and therefore may not fully appreciate. While the peak season attracts many visitors due to favorable weather situations, special events or vacation time, the off-season can have some qualities and a unique beauty, too.

Crowded streets, restaurants, hotels, parking lots and stores in addition to high peak season prices can take away from a relaxing break time when one seeks to get away from everyday stress. I have learned to appreciate to visit vacation regions during their off-season, too.

I'm seeing places with different eyes when they are almost deserted without the visual and audible distraction that large crowds bring with them. Grey and cloudy days can actually make for a relaxing and comforting mood and create a unique visual beauty to my eyes.

As a visual example of the unique off-season mood that I'm talking about, I share this recent off-season image series that I captured in the North German Baltic Sea coast villages Timmendorfer Strand and Niendorf i.H.

Maybe this is an inspiration for you to see the beauty in locations during the off-season too. Feel free to give me your thoughts in the comments and share this post via the "share" option at the bottom of the post, too.


Off Season - Closed Hotel

Off Season - Empty Pier - Kein Winterdienst!

Off Season - Empty Lounge Chairs

Off Season - Deserted Catamaran

Off Season - Closed Beach Chair Rental Shack

Off Season - Swans and Fog

Off Season - Closed Fisherman's Shack

Off Season - Closed Snack Bar

Off Season - Empty Benches

Off Season - Pier in Fog

Oslo and Copenhagen Voyage - alternating color & B&W photography

While coordinating assignments in Oslo and Copenhagen, my travel agent suggested to take a boat instead of planes for this trip. And by boat she meant a cruise boat. I have never been on a cruise ship (large ferry boats not counted) and I was intrigued.

Three weeks later I found myself boarding the Aida Luna (capacity of about 2,000 passengers) on my way to Oslo and Copenhagen. In the spring time the Baltic Sea is always good for surprises - cold rainy and warm summer like moments can take turns within hours. This is what inspired me to make a photo documentary with alternating color and B&W images on this trip.

Here are my impressions. Enjoy!

As a little bonus I've added a time lapse video showing the last 25 mi of the Aida Luna approaching Copenhagen harbour. The video starts at the location of the Helsingborg - Helsongør ferry line, passing from Sweden to Denmark.