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PPN - Photo Podcast Network

PPN Photo Podcast Network Studio - I am the co-founder chief editor and producer at PPN

PPN Photo Podcast Network Studio - I am the co-founder chief editor and producer at PPN

I have been producing photography related podcasts for many years now. And 2017 was the year I teamed up with Scott Bourne and founded PPN - Photo Podcast Network with him. Our mission is to inspire, educate, encourage, and entertain our listeners in the field of photography. We publish different topical photography related shows each month in one single feed. So you can think of as an audio version of a photography magazine.

Our shows cover photograph news, interviews, inspiration, mirrorless photography, photo gear and listener Q&A. The shows have been extremely popular and we have already hit the #1 spot on the iTunes charts in this segment in different countries.

iTunes USA

iTunes USA

iTunes Germany

iTunes Germany

I want to thank all current listeners for their support and would like to invite everyone who is interested in photography and not a listener yet to subscribe to our free PPN podcast channel here:


Google Podcasts:

Or search for "PPN" in your favorite podcatcher app.

You can also visit the PPN Photo Podcast Network website by clicking here.


Inspiration for Photograpers

Photography gear is covered extensively on the internet. But what to do with all those fantastic cameras and lenses is often forgotten about.

That is why Scott Bourne and I have started to host a monthly "Inspiration" podcast on the Photofocus network. We cover the history, past and present of photography and introduce master photographers that most photographers should know about. We also introduce a photography related book for inspiration on each show.

The podcast airs on the 14th of each month and can be subscribed to for free via iTunes. Or you can listen to individual episodes on the Soundcloud player below:

My podcast recording studio