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Life in a tube

Over the corse of a week, I observed how people of all age groups and genders acted inside a fast waterslide tube made out of glass. Over time I came to realize how much of a person’s character is revealed during these few seconds of intensity and more or less of an adrenaline rush.

When I froze the individuals at a few thousands of a second, I started to see curiosity, fear, joy, indifference or terror in their posture. Some of the individuals seemed to pose a “get me out of here“ and others more of a “look at me how cool I am“.

Some only coped with the situation by sliding in company or backward, not wanting to see what is ahead of them. Others went head first, on their belly or on their knees. Some seemed to enjoy the moment of not being in control and others didn’t. After a few days, this waterslide tube felt to me like a giant birth canal out of a science fiction movie where the individual's personality is infused before it enters life.

What kind of personality and posture would you show in your posture when being flushed down a tube like this?