About Me

Marco Larousse is an international analog and digital fine art, street and documentary photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He has a background in photography of 30+ years. In the 1990’s he developed his passion for classic street and documentary photograph. He shares this passion in his workshops or public speeches on street photography. Marco strives to create a positive awareness for this important art form by documenting contemporary daily life for future generations in a world where cameras in public are increasingly seen as a threat.

Marco is also an accredited journalist and a member at FREELENS. He has also been producing photography related podcasts since 2015. In 2017 he co-founded PPN Photo Podcast Network where he works as editor, host, and producer.

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Artist Statement

Marco Larousse is very passionate about the power and importance of preserving contemporary visual memories for future generations. The ability to tell a story with only one image is what made photography his preferred outlet to express himself. Capturing unique unposed moments to document our contemporary daily life for future generations is a challenge that keeps him motivated each day. His work has been influenced by the work of Mary Ellen Mark’s style of documenting life with a lot of affection and respect for the subjects that are being photographed.


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Marco Larousse is the Co-Founder, Editor and Producer at PPN - Photo Podcast Network

Marco Larousse is the Co-Founder, Editor and Producer at PPN - Photo Podcast Network


Interviews, Events & Publications:

12-2017     Co-Founder and board of editors at "The German Street Photography Site"

11-2017     Marco's work was featured on "Photo Live" Magazin

09-2017     Bestenliste Photo Presse 09-17 (Page 58)

07-2017     Judge at Fotomarathon Hamburg

03-2017     Co-Founder, Editor and Producer at PPN - Photo Podcast Network.

01-2017     Interview on street photography, art and inspiration (Hit the Streets podcast).

01-2017     Who is Who in German street photography? by StreetBerlin.

11-2016     Participation in the eBook project "Keep the Focus".

10-2016     Started writing for fotoPRO - German print magazine for professional photographers. 

09-2016     A discussion on street photography (Photofocus)

08-2016     Presenter and instructor at the Street Photography Day and Photowalk in Hannover, Germany.

04-2016     Presenter and instructor at the Street Photography Day and Photowalk in Berlin, Germany.

03-2016     Photofocus: Inspiration Podcast - A talk about the essence and the power of photography 

11-2015     Speech about the essence and relevance of street photography at the HAW Webmontag Hamburg

10-2015     Became author, curator and podcast producer at Photofocus.com

06-2015     Street Focus: On Shooting Film - Panel discussion including Marco Larousse (This Week in Photo)

05-2015     Street Shots - 'The Poetry of Coincidence' Audio interview with Marco Larousse:   Part 1   Part 2

05-2015     Shot the cover photo for Hamburger Kunsthalle

04-2015     In pursuit of light and shadows on the street - Interview with Marco Larousse (by Mirrorlessons)

03-2015     Interview with Marco Larousse, Street and Fine Art Photographer (by Photograph IO)

02-2015     Contributor to the German "CAMERA" magazine article "Dilemma auf der Straße"

12-2014     Winning image at Everybody Street Photography

10-2014     Street Focus: Streets of the World – Hamburg with Marco Larousse (This Week in Photo)

12-2013     Became an official International Fujifilm X-Photographer (2013-2016)